Catching Fires

1. I wanna be productive but I don’t know how.
2. My life seems so boring.
3. I think, I’m not yet ready for responsibilities.
4. I’m afraid to take risk.

Yup. After I graduated college, took Nursing Licensure Examination and passed that board, I had so many realizations in my life. Looking back, I regret for being a good daughter (uhhmm hahaha), for being a good student doing assignments & for not cutting classes. I mean, I regret for not having the best life like YOLO. Hahahaha. I’m 20 years old now & it seems like I missed so many trips, happenings & party. I miss my high school friends (Hi high school friends, I’m still alive).

And now that I’m looking for a job, I am thinking not to work in hospital at the moment. I wanna enjoy life & have a job related to nursing also. I mean I wanna have a daytime job. T.T

So guys YOLO, enjoy every minute. Go to a party. Try to be bad sometime (Charrot!). Have a drink.

Hahaha. By the way I wanna say thank you to my college barkada, BHUNTERS, for a memorable college days. Cheers to our friendship!! Lets travel soon. :)

Dear Future Boyfriend,

It’s been two decades already and I have not meet you yet. What I mean is we haven’t known each other personally or even have bonding. Maybe our eyes already met or whatever, I just want you to know that I’ll wait for you.

I want you to understand me, understand my weaknesses & strengths. I don’t want us to fight or maybe a little fight will do. Please understand if there comes a time that even little things irritate me. I’ll try to understand you too.

I am hoping that you’ll be my first and last.

Your Future Girlfriend

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After an invitation to go at couz Lhen’s place, yep we decided to travel. Kasama ko Bhunters babies na sina Ana, Thel, Pea, & Trix. 8am kami pumunta ng San Jose Terminal & we ride a bus for almost 5 hours. It was our first time to travel to the north (haha!) except for Trixie. At around 1pm, dumaan kami sa house nila Trix, kumain at nagpahinga. 5pm nag abang ng bus para makarating sa Poblacion @ Lhen’s place. They’re very accomodating & yes, medyo nakakahiya (at first). After we ate our dinner, we sleep already for tomorrow’s trip to SanVic.

yup! It was a long long trip sa SanVic. At inulan kami ng bongga at binagyo kami maghapon. We arrived in the beach at around 10am in the morning. We went swimming kahit super malamig. The place is really nice and the foods are so masarap. Hehe. Nung gabi na nakitulog kami sa pinsan ng papa ni Lhen. Yup, 8 kami at kumasya kami sa isang bed. Sobrang sikip. Actually, walang galaw2. Haha!

Bumalik kami ng Poblacion at nakarating around 11am ata. Then we rest for a while, at nung 2-3pm na eh nag tour kami sa “beautiful mountain of Taytay” charrot! Pumunta kami at kumain sa Casa Rosa, pumunta ng Fort of Sta. Isabel (old kuta), Sta. Monica Church, palengke, kumain ng isaw etc. Masaya. :) Umuwi kami ng 7pm ata dahil kumain kami ulit sa Casa Rosa kasama kapatid ni Lhen at si Baks.

Umuwi na kami. At eto ako dito sa Roxas. :)

It was really a well spent weekend. Masaya ako at nalungkot nung paalis na kami. D ko alam kung kelan mauulit na magkakasama kami ng Bhunters babies, ang the best na college friends ko. Sana maulit!! Hihi

at ngayon, back to reality, I must find a job & have a work this February. Yes yes yes!!